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“Jacks Or Better” is a fast-paced and incredibly entertaining video poker game found in the majority of online casinos.

It is the earliest video poker game and the game that began the current video poker craze.

Due to its absurd RTP (return to player) percentage of 99.54 percent, Jacks Or Better is incredibly popular. There is no other game with a higher RTP percentage.


This guide will provide you with all the information you need regarding Jacks Or Better and where you can play this thrilling video poker game.

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What Is Jacks Or Better?


Jacks Or Better is the original form of video poker, in which you are dealt five cards and must construct the best poker hand possible.


It is a fast-paced game with a high RTP, making it one of the best options for those seeking to quickly build their bankroll.


Jacks or Better is also one of the simplest standard video games to play at a high level of strategy, and it is an ideal game to learn because its general rules are applicable to a wide variety of other video poker games.


jacks or superior online game

Instructions For Playing Jacks Or Better Video Poker

Once you become familiar with Jacks Or Better and its principles, it will be simple for you to play.


You will be able to play the game without hesitation if you know the regulations!


Poker Jacks Or Better Rules

Make Your Bets: In Jacks or Better, your wager is converted into coinage. We recommend that you double-check the conversion rate for the game you are playing.

Obtain Your Cards: You will receive five face-up cards. At this juncture, you should begin to consider which cards you will discard.

Examining Your Hand: Throw away the cards that do not improve your chances of winning (refer to the strategy guide and paytables). After discarding, you will receive new cards; this is your final hand, and you will be paid according to the paytable.

Receive Your Prize: The AI will calculate your winnings automatically. Depending on the cards you receive while playing multiple hands, you could be in for a massive payout!

How To Win At Jacks Or Better Poker

Although Jacks Or Better is a game of chance, there is some strategy involved in order to maximize your winning potential.


Given that you must make a decision when you receive your five cards, the cards you choose to abandon will have a significant impact on how much you win.

The hand-rank table will assist you in selecting a strategy with the highest expected return.



We can anticipate that the odds of lower-paying hands will contribute to the odds of higher-paying hands as their potential to qualify for higher-paying hands is realized through optimal discarding.


The “Expected Return Per Hand” chart illustrates how each hand contributes to the overall expected payout in Jacks or Better when optimal play strategy is employed.


The chart depicts the ratio of probability change between the pre-draw hand and the optimal action for each hand.


A horizontal line is drawn to represent the ratio of one, the point at which optimal play no longer increases the expected return.


All paying hands that are above the horizontal line with dots, which is every paying hand, are improved.


For instance, the probability of a royal flush increases by a factor of 16 and the odds of all higher-paying hands (full house and above) increase by a factor of 5 or more.


Cheat Sheet For Playing Jacks Or Better

If you have four cards to a straight or flush, you must keep all four and discard the fifth card.

If you have the majority of the required cards for a royal flush, you should take a chance and retain them all in an attempt to win a payout for a royal flush.

If you possess a pair, you should discard the remaining three cards.

If you have no playable hand, you should possess a Jack or higher. If you have no face cards, discard all of your face cards.

Jacks Or Better Payout Structure

If you’re new to Jacks Or Better, you’ll notice that there are variations dubbed “9/6” and “9/5,” which may be confusing.


These ratios refer to the distinctions in the pay table, specifically regarding the “full house” and “flush” hands.


The majority of casinos offer 9/6 Jacks Or Better, but it is not unheard of to find 9/5.

Other Jacks Or Better Variants


There are additional variants you may encounter. All of these variations of Jacks Or Better use the same payout table, but certain hand payout variations can affect your prospective winnings. Examine the information provided below:


9/5 Jacks Or Better

The only distinction between 9/6 Jacks Or Better and 9/5 is that the payout for a “flush” is 1 coin less in 9/6. Flushes are fairly prevalent in Jacks Or Better, so this is a clear downgrade.


8/6 Jacks Or Better

In 8/6 Jacks Or Better, a “full house” pays 8 coins, while a “flush” pays 6 coins. This pay table’s classification is nearly identical to 9/5 Jacks or Better.


8/5 Jacks Or Better

The 8/5 Jacks Or Better is a further downgrade from the 8/6 Jacks Or Better. Here, the “flush” payout is 5x. Again, given the frequency of flushes in Jacks or Better, this is a definite downgrade.


7/5 Jacks Or Better

From now on, you should actively avoid Jacks Or Better with such minimal payouts. A “full house” payout of x7 is relatively low and not worth vying for.


6/5 Jacks Or Better

Again, 6/5 Jacks Or Better is the worst variant of the game; you should avoid it as much as possible.


Here, a “full house” is only worth x6 coins, which is not worth your time or money.


If your casino does not offer a Jacks or higher game with higher payouts, we suggest you visit one of our recommended online casinos.

Play Jacks or Better for Real Money Starting Today!


Jacks Or Better is a standard in all online casinos and a player preference.


The insanely high RTP of 99.54 percent is enticing because it affords you an excellent opportunity to develop your bankroll. There is also the possibility of winning large with a royal flush!


If you’re interested in playing Jacks or Better for real money but don’t know where to play, the casinos we recommend are for you.


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Utilize the cheat sheet provided in this article to achieve enormous wealth.

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