The Complete Rundown on Slot Machine Wilds

When playing slot machines, wild symbols are highly sought after since they can increase a player’s payouts by a factor of three or more. Virtually every online slot machine has a wild symbol, and avid slot gamers will often avoid games without them. Slot players can pick their favorite games based on the types of wild symbols they prefer, as there are many varieties of wild symbols.

If you’re a slot player, you’ve probably noticed that wilds appear in the vast majority of games. That’s why it’s crucial to study their requirements so you can fully grasp what’s happening behind the scenes. In games, wild symbols represent bonuses and are sometimes accompanied by eye-catching animations.


Understanding the mechanics of wild symbols is helpful for players as they have become a standard feature of slot machines in casinos. From their definition and uses to the several kinds they come in and the methods players might employ, this article has you covered.

When do I use a Wild Symbol?


In slot machines, wild symbols are a type of bonus symbol that can stand in for any other regular symbol. The tide of the game can be turned with this. In the following part, we’ll look at the mechanism by which this occurs. You’ll need to seek out slot machines that feature wild symbols if you want to reap their benefits. Wild symbols are not provided by all game creators; instead, additional special icons like scatters and multipliers are used.


The wild symbols have no particular design or theme. While the style of the wild symbols fits in with the slot’s general aesthetic, they stand out enough to be easily recognized. If you’re not sure which slot machine to play, you can read reviews of different machines online. In contrast to more limited symbols like scatters and multipliers, wilds can perform a variety of tasks.


As was previously said, the look of the wild symbols in a slot game is determined by its overall theme. At JeffBet, we provide slots with unique wild symbols. Rainbow Riches’ wild symbol is a gold coin with a leprechaun’s face on it; Gonzo’s Quest’s is a gray square with a question mark; Mega Moolah’s is a lion; and Fruit Salad’s is a star.

How Can I Use a Wild Symbol?


The primary function of wild symbols is to serve as a replacement for any other symbol type. The wild symbol can be used to complete winning paylines, so getting more of these is a good idea. Keep in mind that, with the exception of the bonus sign, any symbol can be switched out for another. This implies that wilds can’t be used to trigger other bonuses like free spins or multipliers.


numerous wild symbols may be required to complete numerous winning combinations. Even while a single wild icon might not help you win, getting more than one can boost your odds.


Wild symbols’ rewards might vary widely. The wild symbol can award a maximum payout of 25 times the player’s wager in Rainbow Riches. Gonzo’s Quest has a wild symbol that can award up to 15 times the player’s bet. The purpose of the wild symbol in Mega Moolah is to increase the payout for a winning line by a factor of 2. Similarly, the awards for wild symbols vary across games.


Varieties of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols come in a variety of forms, each with its own set of advantages. Some of the more common ones are described and illustrated here.


Insistently Wild

Locked wilds are another name for sticky wild symbols since they cannot move from their current location. The sticky wild is a special symbol that occurs during the bonus round (often the free spins round) and stays in place for the duration of the bonus. Sticky wild symbols with multipliers are a highlight of Dead or Alive, a famous video slot by NetEnt.


Wilds piled up

Wild symbols can stack on top of one another, taking up a full reel, and here is where they really shine. Slots with stacked wilds pay out more than those with sticky wilds since there are more opportunities to win. Stardust from Microgaming and Wolf Run from IGT both have stacked wilds.


Growing Wilderness

Wild symbols that grow in size are even better than stacked wilds. Unlike conventional populations, growing wilds can spread out in all directions. A winning combination can be formed using only the expanding wild symbol, which can sometimes cover an entire reel. Playtech’s Fantastic Four and IGT’s Monkey Prince are two well-known video slots with expanding wilds.


Clustered Animals

The grouped wilds are a combination of the sticky wilds and the growing wilds. They can appear in a number of different slots but cannot move around the reels. This implies that they are sticky despite their multi-directional nature. Slots by NetEnt like Fruit Spin and Guns N’ Roses include clusters of wild symbols.


Intensifying the Wilds

Wild symbols can add multipliers to winning combinations when they appear on the reels. These icons perform double duty as both wilds and multipliers. These symbols will also boost payouts when they’re part of a winning combination. The sticky wild on NetEnt’s Dead or Alive slot machine doubles as a multiplier.


Wild Card Duplication

Wild symbols that can replicate themselves are called “duplicating wilds,” and they can substitute for any other symbol in a game. A wild symbol is one that can substitute for another regular symbol to boost payouts. The Yggdrasil slot machine by Fair Win can duplicate wild symbols.


Wilderness Changes

Similar to sticky wilds, shifting wilds remain fixed in place during the entirety of the current spin. However, they can increase their compensation by shifting positions horizontally. Playtech’s Dawn of Justice slot machine has moving wilds.


The Great Outdoors

Wild symbols that “walk” across the reels until they fall off the edge are called “walking wilds.” Walking wilds are a fun twist on standard wild symbols, and in some games, they may even earn you free spins. The walking wilds in the Halloween Jack slot from NetEnt.


Adding Wild Areas

Combining game symbols into a shape to act as a wildcard and replace standard game icons is called an overlay wild. Wild symbols that trigger bonus games in a slot machine cannot substitute for regular wild symbols. The popular slot machine Go Bananas by NetEnt has an overlay wild.


Alternate Natural Areas

Some slots also include a few other wild symbols with additional bonuses. Random wilds deserve special recognition. The bonus rounds feature random wild symbols that emerge on the reels at random to boost your chances of winning. Wild symbols can also take the form of colliding wilds, which work by landing next to one another to trigger extra features like free spins.


How to Make the Most of Wild Symbols

Check the paytable of the slot machine of your choice to see if it has a wild symbol. Multiple wilds can exist in some games. You may never be sure when Wild symbols will land on the reels, but they tend to emerge during the bonus round. This means that there is no foolproof method to improve your odds of success.


It’s a well-known fact that wild symbols can greatly boost your payouts. This is because wild reels can assist complete a payline and create a winning combination by substituting for other symbols. This means that wilds have the ability to activate bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, and jackpots.


If you’ve never played a slot machine before, you should try out the wild symbols in the practice mode before you put down any real money. Many video slots, like Mega Moolah, Book of Dead, and Rainbow Riches, have bonus games in which wild symbols appear, replace for other symbols, and often provide practice rounds to assist players learn the ropes. Finally, keep in mind the importance of avoiding gambling addiction.



Slot players should familiarize themselves with the function of wild symbols because they are among the game’s highest paying icons. Although there is always a chance of losing, they could increase your payout significantly if you do win. The payoff for the wild symbol varies each slot, so be sure to check the paytable before you play. Keep in mind that wildcards can’t be used to unlock bonus symbols like scatters and multipliers.


Now that you know what wild symbols are and how they work, you can head over to JeffBet and play some of their interesting slot machines that feature wild symbols.

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