The very beginning at the Oval

That was simple. Today could never have gone much better, truth be told. We won a pivotal throw (the surface is exceptionally dry and will most likely assistance Graeme Swann in the fourth innings), Alastair Cook scored one more understanding hundred, and KP and Trott made a few runs as well. The main negative was the early excusal of the captain. All things considered, you can’t have everything. The most satisfying part of the day, in any case, was that we made South Africa’s highly vaunted pace assault look innocuous and normal? Alright, the pitch was really great for batting, however what shocked me was their absence of animosity.

There were not many short balls and a lot of confused looks and shrugged shoulders

I didn’t grasp their strategies. The best of the Cricketboks assault was Morne Morkel, who had one of his great days. Stein additionally bowled sensibly well, yet we played him well. In any case, what might be said about Vernon Philander, the person who midpoints a shocking 15 with the ball in his short test vocation; the person South Africans have been saying is the best thing since cut break and packaged brew. Indeed, I’m glad to report that our forecasts demonstrated precise. He seemed to be a swamp standard region seamer. As a matter of fact, he helped me fairly to remember Praveen Kumar, however without the character and hostility.

In the approach this series I’ve been telling anybody arranged to listen that Philander isn’t somebody to be dreaded. He has taken a ton of wickets without a doubt, however I saw the vast majority of them on television. They came on contributes likened to the Riverside May. The sort of pitches that make John Lewis look unplayable. Considering that the Oval is a level wicket, Philander was appeared for what he is: a fair, exact seamer, yet somebody who wouldn’t get close to the Britain Lions side, not to mention the full Britain group. His absence of speed (he frequently battled to reach 80mph) is an issue, and except if the ball swings he doesn’t have the right stuff to take wickets on all surfaces at the most significant level. There, I said it. Presently watch him annihilate us in the excess games (ahem).

It was likewise intriguing watching Imran Tahir bowl

He’s another bowler who parts assessment. I really believe he’s a nice spinner. He’s had more progress in region cricket than Philander throughout the long term, and I expect he’ll cause us issues in the subsequent innings. Having said that, for each individual that rates Tahir, there are a lot of other people who believe he’s the second happening to Chris Schofield or Lover Casson. I think I’ll save judgment. With the score on 267-3 Britain have an incredible chance to lay out a telling position tomorrow?

On the off chance that we can push on towards 500 – which will not be simple, as Stein and Morkel will undoubtedly come great eventually – we’ll be looking good; particularly on the off chance that the pitch break down however much the specialists like to assume. So after the very beginning we’re feeling really light. The main irritation is that this test conflicts with The Open golf. Attempt as I would, I haven’t yet contrived a method for watching two channels on the double with only one sets of eyes.

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